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Your clients get a complete Medicare education program, robust marketing support, and an enrollment solution, with ongoing, anonymized follow-up data on number of conversations, enrollment, renewals, and more.

Get impactful data

Access rich analytics on the number of employees receiving education and enrolling in Medicare, and efficacy reporting across your entire book of business.

A VALUABLE Cost-reducing Product

Continue being the trusted advisor HR expects.

We partner with brokers to provide expert Medicare solutions for their clients. Now, you can support employers with experienced, knowledgeable resources and a multi-carrier Medicare enrollment platform.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Medicare solution for my clients?

As workforce demographics continue to shift due to the aging workforce dynamic, the need for enterprise-level Medicare services is important. For aging employees, Medicare often provides a more comprehensive benefit at a lower cost compared to group health plans. Medicare Choice Group works with your clients to provide this focus at no cost. 

Understanding their Medicare options can be a daunting and complicated task for employees. Employers typically lack adequate Medicare expertise to help navigate employees through this decision process. Employers are looking to update their benefit offerings to include Medicare basics trainings, decision support resources, and enrollment assistance. The Medicare Choice Group solution strengthens your overall client service offering, lowering costs for your client and bringing focused Medicare solutions to employees in need.

How do you earn revenue If your services are free of charge?

Medicare Choice Group is compensated from the Medicare health plan selected by the employee once they transition. Our certified Medicare advisors are not compensated more or less based on the product selected therefore match the beneficiary to the plan that best fits their healthcare needs.

How do I get my clients started with Medicare Choice Group?

Our process is simple! Send an email introduction to your client and Medicare Choice Group will work alongside you to establish an optimal Medicare transition solution. Whether we serve as a back-office resource or build a comprehensive education strategy, we can accommodate the Medicare needs of your client.

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With more people working past 65, provide your clients with a Medicare program that fits their needs.