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Answers for an easier Medicare journey

For Individuals

Why Medicare Choice Group?

We understand that the road to Medicare is complicated and not easy to navigate. So, we take the time to get to know your healthcare needs first. Then, we provide step-by-step guidance and decision support through the entire Medicare transition process to enrollment. Keeping a focus on long-term support, we are here for you year-round, not just for your initial enrollment.

Am I eligible for Medicare?

Medicare is available for people who are age 65 or older, and for individuals with qualifying disabilities, End Stage Renal Disease (permanent kidney failure requiring dialysis or transplant), or Lou Gehrig’s disease.

My parents are close to being Medicare-eligible; can Medicare Choice Group help me?

Absolutely! Caregivers have become very engaged in the Medicare health plan education and selection process for their parents or loved ones. We encourage you to participate in our educational and enrollment services. We can assist you on all Medicare interests through the point of enrollment. If you are a designated power of attorney, you will be permitted to enroll your loved one in the plan of their choice.

For Employers

What services do you offer to help educate employees about Medicare?

The number of aging employees continues to grow nationally, requiring a focused strategy from employers. We work directly with human resources departments to provide employees comprehensive Medicare learning opportunities. We coordinate Medicare education programs and enrollment solutions that include Medicare Basics webinars, on-demand Medicare resources, and decision-support plan selection and enrollment.

Do you offer our employees one-on-one Medicare consultation?

Yes, your employees have the opportunity to meet one-on-one with our certified Medicare Advisors for both themselves and/ or their loved ones.

Who meets with our employees and advises them about Medicare?

Our advisors are licensed and certified Medicare experts. Each one has been approved by the most respected and nationally recognized Medicare plans to represent their Medicare solutions.

For Brokers

Why do I need a Medicare solution for my clients?

As workforce demographics continue to shift due to the aging workforce dynamic, the need for enterprise-level Medicare services is important. For aging employees, Medicare often provides a more comprehensive benefit at a lower cost compared to group health plans. Medicare Choice Group works with your clients to provide this focus at no cost. 

Understanding their Medicare options can be a daunting and complicated task for employees. Employers typically lack adequate Medicare expertise to help navigate employees through this decision process. Employers are looking to update their benefit offerings to include Medicare basics trainings, decision support resources, and enrollment assistance. The Medicare Choice Group solution strengthens your overall client service offering, lowering costs for your client and bringing focused Medicare solutions to employees in need.

How do you earn revenue If your services are free of charge?

Medicare Choice Group is compensated from the Medicare health plan selected by the employee once they transition. Our certified Medicare advisors are not compensated more or less based on the product selected therefore match the beneficiary to the plan that best fits their healthcare needs.

How do I get my clients started with Medicare Choice Group?

Our process is simple! Send an email introduction to your client and Medicare Choice Group will work alongside you to establish an optimal Medicare transition solution. Whether we serve as a back-office resource or build a comprehensive education strategy, we can accommodate the Medicare needs of your client.

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