Medicare Choice Group

How Medicare Choice Group Serves You

Medicare Choice Group works with clients to uncomplicate Medicare through experienced support and extensive knowledge about Medicare. Our team of licensed Medicare agents helps you navigate your unique needs and circumstances, weigh all your options, and enroll in the best plan for you. By focusing on the little things in each plan, we find the differences that have the biggest impact on your budget and retirement dreams.

We want you to enjoy retirement. Allow us to take the worry out of your Medicare selection process and feel confident that you will enroll in the plan that is best for you.

Our Agents

An agent is your first point of contact at Medicare Choice Group. All of our agents are licensed with Medicare and are trained to take you through a detailed assessment of your Medicare product needs and preferences. Contact us to talk to a licensed Medicare agent today.

Our Process

No matter where you are in your Medicare journey, Medicare Choice Group can uncomplicate Medicare for you. When you first contact Medicare Choice Group, a licensed Medicare agent will work with you to identify all the little (and not so little) things that can impact which plan may be best for you. Our agents will make product recommendations that meet your needs while educating you on Medicare rules and requirements.

Once we make a few recommendations, we will walk you through your plan options to ensure you are purchasing the right plan for you. We then take you step by step through the enrollment process and submit your enrollment directly to your chosen health plan.

Medicare Choice Group is always available to answer questions, even after enrolling. We continue to evaluate your plan annually for any changes.

Medicare Plans We Offer

Medicare Choice Group is contracted and approved to offer many of the top Medicare health plan brands in the markets we serve. We represent a comprehensive mix of carrier health plans at various price points and benefit levels that are carefully chosen based on their quality and our customer preferences.

To learn more about Medicare Choice Group, the plans we represent, and how we can help you, talk to a licensed Medicare agent today.

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