Medicare Choice Group

Medicare Plan Consulting at No Cost to You

How much do our services cost? Nothing! Our help guiding you through the enrollment process comes at no cost to you.

We are able to do this because health care plans are regulated by the government. All plan pricing includes a built-in consulting fee and that consulting fee is then given to the organization through which the beneficiary enrolls. If a beneficiary enrolls directly through the insurance company itself, the consulting fee remains with the insurance company. No matter how you enroll, the overall price of the plan never changes.

We stay unbiased because of the oversight by the government. As we mentioned before, the government highly regulates the price of Medicare plans so consumers will always pay the exact same cost for each plan. This prevents insurance companies from incentivizing advisors to promote their plans to potential beneficiaries by increasing the consulting fee, and as a result, the overall price. Therefore, we will always give advice based on what is the best for you, not anyone else.

So, why should you enroll through Medicare Choice Group? Because we offer you our knowledge and expertise about Medicare. We can help you save time and money while uncomplicating Medicare for you, all at no additional cost. Finally, we don’t just help when you are first choosing your Medicare plan, but review your plan each year to make sure it’s still the best one for you.

For more information about the benefits of using a health care advisor, check out this article.  Let Medicare Choice Group help you today and tomorrow.

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